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LPG Eco Friendly Energy: Clean fuel for cool Applications. - 12/07/2011

Stored in cylinders, LPG, with its low impact on the environment and high calorific and energetic values, in addition to its traditional uses such as cooking and heating, today finds employment in numerous other applications.

LPG is an essential part of our daily lives; it’s is easy to use, low cost, but most of all a clean burning fuel, making it one of today’s most environmentally friendly existing energy sources. When used correctly LPG is safe and dependable. Today more than 8 million Italians make use daily of this amazing combustible in a wide series of applications.

LPG is also an excellent nature-friendly vehicle fuel, powering in Italy alone, well over one million vehicles. Vehicles running on LPG can travel in cities and urban areas restricted to others fuelled with traditional combustibles.

Download a PDF document: Clean fuel for cool applications!