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Cavagna Group introduces its new website - 09/03/2012

Cavagna Group presents it's new website:, dedicated to the Group's new integrated valve for oxygen therapy. The Viproxy incorporates state of the art Cavagna technology specifically designed for the healthcare market.

The eye-catching website was designed to be innovative and is a useful source of information, describing applications and technical features of the Viproxy valve.

The new interactive website was to designed to include user friendly features and allow the web visitor to interactively discover the Viproxy valve's technical aspects all in a high definition 3D view. While navigating the site, the user has a 360 degree view of the valve and can view, virtually touch, the details of each single component, consult technical specifications and appreciate the unique features of the Viproxy, which distinguish it from similar products manufactured by other manufacturers: the integrated regulator, the front section showing all the connections and information data, its compactness and ergonomics, and much more.

Visitors can interact with Viproxy in two ways: first by selecting the angle of view with the special selection bar and observe the valve from every angle or secondly by clicking on the hotspots (red circles) to view the selected component in more detail. The portal is the place where the Viproxy really stands out. After a close up review of the valve, visitors can continue to navigate the site in the other two existing sections. Here they can find clear and simple illustrations of applications and accessories.

The Viproxy offers a wide range of application possibilities. Thanks to its unique, simple and extremely functional features, its ideal for oxygen home therapy. Reliable and safe even in the most critical environments such as intensive care therapy, neonatal and paediatric units, the Viproxy always guarantees outstanding performance in the regulation of oxygen supply. The Viproxy is also widely appreciated among professionals, who use protoxide for patient sedation.

The section dedicated to the accessories completes the product presentation. Here the user can select a series of protection caps, each supported a detailed description of their features through technical spec sheets. The site can be viewed in Italian, English, Russian, German, and soon also in Chinese. This international format wants meet the needs of an ever growing international market and allow operators worldwide easy access to information related to this exceptional product. Visitors can download more detailed information, spec sheets and brochures or interact with the Cavagna team by filling out the online form to request further information.

This new website together with the update and restyling of the Group website is an additional source of information. Through this new website, which is a further addition to the already existing and restyled website, Cavagna gathers an active community, thus confirming the Group's focus towards customers needs, the will for constant innovation, the continuous growth of our business volume, which through the new viproxy valve will gain an important market share in the health care market.