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Cryogenic Equipment


Cryogenic Equipment

Pergola manufactures a broad range of cryogenic Valves regulators and pressure relief valves for portable cryogenic cylinders up to 200 l capacity.

Key features:

Cryogenic Valves:
Cleaned and package for oxygen service;
Designed in accordance with EN 1626
Working temperature: -320°F to +165°F;
Available with or without brazed tube;
Cleaned and package for oxygen service;
Spring loaded stem;

Cryogenic regulators:
Interchangeable with existing regulators;
Main body made from solid brass according to EN standards;
Various pressure operating range available;
Adjustable outlet pressure;
Working temperature range is : -320°F +165°F;
Maximum inlet pressure 350 PSIG;
Cleaned and package for oxygen service;

Cryogenic pressure relief valves:
Pressure relief valves is designed to open and reseal at low pressure;
Design to minimize gas loss;
Cleaned and package for oxygen service;
Pipe away option if required;
Various tank connections available;
Colour labels to identify the discharge pressure setting available;
Various pressure setting available;
Body materials can be brass or stainless steel;

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