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LPG Filling Heads

LPG filling guns

The Kosan filling head is based on the experience gained during the past forty years, when Kosan Teknova A/S has been developing, manufacturing and supplying LPG equipment to customers over the world.

The unique quality of the Kosan Filling Heads offer the consumer the highest degree of safety and performance when LPG is used.

Materials and Standard
The Filling Heads are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and special polymers. The rubber materials used are developed and manufactured according to the requirements of EN 549.

The kosan filling heads line is suitable for all kinds of cylinder valves outlet connections. They can be manual operated or semi automatic operated, wherever a compressed air line is available at location of filling plant ,all kosan filling heads are renown for there low emissions characteristics: theirs latest design guarantees less than 1cc discharge of gas every other filling operations.

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