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Scuba Valves

SCUBA Valves

Safety and performance are key factors in today's leisure and sport's time. The nautilus products are a series of scuba valves committed to comply with the most stringent ISO and EN standards and offer performance along with safety in the scuba  diving sport.

Valves are CE marked in accordance to European Directive
Compliant with EN250 standard
High quality Chrome plated body with excellent resistance to marine environment
Large internal orifice ensures high flow capacity for better performance
Low torque ergonomic rubber handwheel for better handling
Dip tube installed at the factory
Working pressure: 230 and 300 bar
Temperature range: -20 + 65
Various tank connections available
Various outlets available in compliance with ISO standards
Different set pressure for pressure relief devices
Clean for Oxygen service and single packaged
Nautilus series are compatible also with EAN, nitrox and trimix gases
All materials and lubricants are oxygen compatible
Single and double outlet available
Twin cylinders valves available for different cylinder sizes

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