Code of Ethics

Cavagna Group Code of Ethics

1. What is it for?

The complexity of the situations where the “Cavagna Group®” is operating, the challenges of sustainable development and the need to take into account the demands and requests of all legitimate carriers of business interest (“Stakeholder”), reinforce the importance of clearly defining the values and responsibilities that the “Cavagna Group®” recognizes, accepts, shares and assumes, contributing to build a better future for everyone.

The Group has therefore decided to formalize those principles and rules that have always distinguished its approach to the world of work. The Code of Ethics defines with clarity and transparency the values and the policies of conduct to which the group must comply. This Code will become a Behavioral Vademecum that every Collaborator must respect while performing his/her work.

2. To whom is it Addressed?

The Code of Ethics is addressed to all the people who, within the scope of their duties and responsibilities, work in Italy and abroad in various ways with and for the Group: the Collaborators (meaning employees, temporary employees, interns, consultants and, in general, people acting on behalf of the Group and / or on its behalf), the Directors, the Shareholders of all the companies belonging to the Group. The observance of the Code of Ethics is of fundamental importance for the Group’s efficiency, reliability and reputation. These are factors that make the Code of Ethics a decisive asset for the Group’s success and for the improvement of the social context in which it operates.

How is it Made Known

The Group aims to concretize the values and principles contained in the Code of Ethics by taking responsibility towards its stakeholder (internal and external) with the purpose of strengthening corporate spirit, cohesion andcollaboration. The Group is therefore committed to informative and training activities on the contents of this Code with the purpose of:

  • promoting and strengthening the sharing of recognized values;
  • divulging the rules, procedures and practices to be followed;
  • increasing the sharing and awareness of moral integrity in all collaborators;
  • extending the consensus to the basic principles of the Code of Ethics.

The Group also undertakes to raise awareness of the Code of Ethics in all the Stakeholders, expressly requesting their constructive contribution for the principles and contents, and taking into account the suggestions and observations that may arise with the aim of confirming or supplementing this Code.

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